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GSP is a black-empowered private incorporated company in operation since 2007 that has established itself as a key business partner in the provision of comprehensive occupational health and related services to clients in the mining and industrial sectors.

The owner-managed company is renowned for providing the best in health-care in a cost-effective package. With its hands-on management style, the company provide clients a wide scope of services with high quality content cost-efficiently. GSP is fully compliant with the stipulations of the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


GSP strives to provide high quality services that will assist clients to establish and maintain a competitive edge in their business. By doing the right thing with proficiency is the GSP-way of achieving long–lasting benefit.


The GSP methodology of following both a content and process-driven approach, integrating with client’s systems, provides clients with industry-leading services in a single package.


GSP approaches its business with passion, fairness and objectivity, balancing the interests of all stake-holders. This underpins strong relationships, both in the internal and external environments, building the trust and stability that is required for sustained value-add.
Using this as reference point has enabled the right-minded decision-making that GSP is known for.


GSP prizes, above all, professional and ethical conduct at all times towards clients, patients as well as co-workers. Empowering all co-workers to achieve and maintain top-level skills through ongoing profes-sional development enables GSP to maintain the highest standards.
In addition, retaining focus on maintaining good working relationships through honesty, respect, integrity and good teamwork, GSP is able to be of sustained value to its clients.


GSP has a proven track record of having both the technical ability as well as business acumen to provide multicentre services of large capacity to even the most discerning client. With its focus on sound operational management, without compromising clinical governance (the core business), clients are provided with the sustainability they require to support their businesses in the long term.

Standardisation is managed through the utilisation of web-based technology.
The capability has been honed through field experience in the provision of large scale professional services to various multinational corporations. This includes being responsible for the restructuring of the BHP Billiton Coal SA health service into a unitary system.
GSP operations comply with various international standards, including ISO 9001, 14 000, OSHAS 18001, WHO TB Management Protocol, and Radiation Protection.

GSP Offering

Supporting each other, the services offered incorporate three elements. The consulting services are therefore based on extensive field experience ensuring that clients receive services that has been proven effective under operational circumstances. Sound information management provides the framework required for extracting value from the activities. In conjunction with its associates, GSP provides virtually the entire spectrum of occupational health related services required by mining and industrial clients with subject experts ranging up to masters level.

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Management experience ranges from health service delivery in South Africa and neighbouring countries (Mozambique, Lesotho, Angola, Zambia) to countries further afield (Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Madagascar etc.)

Introducing the X-Files: X-ray reporting software

  • ILO-based reporting template for chest x-rays
  • Report on images anywhere and anytime
  • Easy referral to remote radiologists
  • Secure web-based storage

Ideal for:

  • Quality assurance
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Working paperless
  • Centralised screening of TB, pneumoconiosis etc.